Is this L'Oréal's Uber moment?

It's a big month for us, as L'Oréal - the world's largest cosmetics company - launches a new customer acquisition programme using the Buyapowa platform. We'll be helping some of their best-loved brands to bring peer-to-peer selling - a cosmetics industry tactic ever since Victorian times - beautifully up to date.

It couldn't come at a better time, with the challenge of acquiring new customers growing more and more difficult for the skincare and beauty industry every day. Shoppers are blinded by the flood of pharma-jargon spewing out of billboards and tv adverts ("five times more prettiness particles than other brands!"). Meanwhile, new players and hipster indies come to market every day, creating such an avalanche of choice that it's easier to find a botox needle in a haystack than it is to settle on a new moisturiser.

And the people we used to turn to for help - the celebrities, YouTubers and bloggers collectively known as 'influencers' - are so utterly in the thrall of paid promotions and playing the PR game that, every time you take their advice and purchase today's 'holy grail' product, you can't help but feel that it's your gullability which is paying for the

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Man’s best (refer a) friend

First, subscription boxes revolutionised the beauty industry, with the likes of GLOSSYBOX and Birchbox. Then along came Trunk Club and The Chapar and the same subscription model turned the fashion world on its head. Now, in 2016, you can sign up for monthly boxes stuffed with everything from delicious cocktails to tools to help you get through the zombie apocalypse (we’d argue that those two are, actually, one and the same).

One of our favourites is FlinkBisk, a dog-owners’ subscription box from Norway’s Zentio Group - who also offer subscriptions across northern Europe for everything from razor blades to laundry detergent. And, as of today, FlinkBisk gets even better, with the addition of a refer-a-friend programme powered by Buyapowa. Existing customers are now equipped and incentivised to get their (human) friends signed up for regular deliveries of toys, treats and cool dog gadgets. For every friend who gets on board, they’ll receive a discount against their next payment, while the friend gets their first box for free.

Zentio are using the Buyapowa platform to handle everything from initial outreach all the way through to reward distribution, making full use of the platform’s super-simple but highly-effective plug-and-play

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GLOSSYBOX: Redefining loyalty

We’re all used to earning loyalty points for shopping more, but the leading beauty subscription service, GLOSSYBOX, have taken the concept to an exciting new level. And we’ve worked with them every step of the way.

Starting today, GLOSSYBOX - who sell one beauty box packed with luxury cosmetics and lifestyle products every 12 seconds! - will be rewarding their customers with GLOSSYdot loyalty points not just when they spend more themselves, but also when they convince their friends to sign up via their brand new referral programme.

It’s a really clever idea - especially since, given GLOSSYBOX’s subscription model, there’s little room for existing customers to increase their personal spending. But there is enormous scope for them to spread the word and get their friends spending, too.

And that marks a new era for loyalty. Where it’s traditionally been one-to-one (brand to consumer), it can now be one-to-one-to-many: brand to consumer to all the consumer’s friends. And, rather than spending a fortune on a new loyalty points system, GLOSSYBOX and other brands can simply use the Buyapowa rewards engine to do all the heavy listing with absolutely no development overheads.


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GLOSSYBOX : repenser la fidélité

Nous avons tous l’habitude de gagner des points de fidélité lorsque nous achetons plus. Mais le service d’abonnement beauté leader, GLOSSYBOX, a donné au concept une dimension nouvelle et passionnante; nous l’avons accompagné à chaque étape du processus.

Désormais, GLOSSYBOX - qui vend toutes les 12 secondes via son site e-commerce un coffret beauté rempli de produits cosmétiques de luxe et lifestyle, récompense ses consommateurs par des points de fidélité GLOSSYdot non seulement lorsqu’ils dépensent davantage, mais aussi quand ils parviennent à convaincre leurs amis de s’abonner via son tout nouveau programme de parrainage.

C’est vraiment une riche idée ! - surtout compte tenu du modèle d’abonnement de GLOSSYBOX. Il reste très peu de marge aux consommateurs actuels pour augmenter leurs dépenses personnelles. Mais ces consommateurs disposent d’une grande latitude pour faire passer le mot et inciter leurs amis à dépenser aussi.

Ainsi, le concept de fidélité entre dans une nouvelle ère. Traditionnellement unilatérale (de la marque vers le consommateur), la relation devient désormais multilatérale (de la marque vers le consommateur, puis de celui-ci vers tous ses amis). Et plutôt que de dépenser une fortune dans un nouveau système de points de fidélité,

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A quick tour of Space NK's Refer-a-Friend Programme

When Space NK, the innovative and internationally respected cosmetics retailer, drives new customer acquisition by empowering and enabling its existing customers to refer their friends and family, then surely that merits a closer look?

If you haven't already seen Space NK's very successful Refer-a-Friend Progamme, this short two minute video will give you a quick view of how it works.

Enjoy the video!

Space NK is just one of many leading beauty brands and retailers that have partnered with Buyapowa to drive new customer acquisition. If you would like to know more, please drop us a line.

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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