83% of your customers want you to have a referral scheme

Customers expect a lot. And, if you don’t give them what they want, they quickly go elsewhere. Can’t make free returns? See ya. Can’t ship to a secondary address? Adios. Now, according to the Ivy League data-scientists at the Wharton School of Business, 83% of customers want to refer their friends to their favourite brands and services. Crazily, 87% of brands don’t let them.

Hasta la vista. Baby.

Here’s what happens when those customers go looking for a referral scheme on their favourite brands’ websites and come up blank:

These businesses have taken all that goodwill and energy, all that advocacy and potential new business, and turned it into bitterness.

It needn’t be that way. Not only does any good referral scheme make back its capital expense within a matter of weeks, the ongoing results are exactly what we’re all looking for: 80% lower CPAs, eight times greater conversion rates and 50% bigger basket spends.

If you’re straggling, don’t worry. You can get up and running in no time at all by teaming up with Buyapowa's team of experts and using our plug-and-play platform. If you’re uncertain, don’t be.

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83% des consommateurs attendent un programme de parrainage

Les consommateurs en demandent beaucoup. Et s’ils n’ont pas ce qu’ils veulent ils vont facilement aller voir ailleurs. “Je ne peux pas retourner gratuitement mon article !? Au revoir”, “Je ne peux pas être livré à une seconde adresse !? Adios”. Aujourd’hui, selon la Ivy League d’analystes de la Wharton School of Business, plus de 80% des consommateurs veulent parrainer leurs amis vers leurs marques et services préférés. Étonnement, 87% des marques ne leurs en offrent pas l’opportunité.

Hasta la vista. Baby.

Voilà ce que se disent les consommateurs lorsqu’ils vont sur le site de leur marque chercher un programme de parrainage qu’ils ne trouveront jamais.

C’est comme prendre toute cette volonté de partage et énergie, tous ces ambassadeurs et nouveau business potentiel, pour le transformer en amertume.

Les choses pourraient se passer autrement. Mettre en place un programme de parrainage pourra régénérer ce capital dépensé en quelques semaines. Les résultats que nous obtenons aujourd’hui vont au delà de nos attentes : une réduction du CPA de 80%, des taux de conversion 8X supérieurs et un panier moyen en hausse de 50%.

Si vous tombez des nus, ne vous inquiétez pas. Vous pourrez

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It's the final(ist) countdown

We're delighted to announce that PrettyLittleThing.com's hugely popular referral programme, powered by Buyapowa, has been named as a finalist in this year's Drapers Awards.

Celebrating the best of the best in fashion retailing, the Drapers Awards are the most highly-respected industry awards, and we're especially honoured to be nominated in one of the most hotly-contested categories - Best Innovation in Fashion Retail - recognising that our unique twist on referral marketing is breaking new ground.

When you're selling a passion product like fashion, it makes perfect sense to try and harness all the excitement and social buzz around your brand and turn that into actual sales. Particularly when your customers are fashion-forward females aged 12 to 25 years old: perhaps the most socially savvy and connected customer generation of all time.

But, having carefully developed a distinct colourful and edgy brand personality, PrettyLittleThing.com couldn't just serve up a staid cookie-cutter referral scheme. And that's why they came to Buyapowa, taking advantage of the unrivalled depth of experience within our team, and our cutting-edge white label platform with its unique advanced sharing, smart-rewarding and gamification tools.

We'll be honest: it was brave of PrettyLittleThing to apply technology and innovation

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Is this L'Oréal's Uber moment?

It's a big month for us, as L'Oréal - the world's largest cosmetics company - launches a new customer acquisition programme using the Buyapowa platform. We'll be helping some of their best-loved brands to bring peer-to-peer selling - a cosmetics industry tactic ever since Victorian times - beautifully up to date.

It couldn't come at a better time, with the challenge of acquiring new customers growing more and more difficult for the skincare and beauty industry every day. Shoppers are blinded by the flood of pharma-jargon spewing out of billboards and tv adverts ("five times more prettiness particles than other brands!"). Meanwhile, new players and hipster indies come to market every day, creating such an avalanche of choice that it's easier to find a botox needle in a haystack than it is to settle on a new moisturiser.

And the people we used to turn to for help - the celebrities, YouTubers and bloggers collectively known as 'influencers' - are so utterly in the thrall of paid promotions and playing the PR game that, every time you take their advice and purchase today's 'holy grail' product, you can't help but feel that it's your gullability which is paying for the

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L’heure de l’ubérisation de L’Oréal à sonné ?

C’est un mois important pour nous, comme pour L’Oréal - la plus grosse compagnie mondiale de beauté - qui lance son nouveau programme d’acquisition clients en utilisant la plateforme Buyapowa. Nous allons accompagner leurs marques les plus appréciées à développer un canal de vente personnalisé - une stratégie dans l’univers du cosmétique pratiquée depuis la nuit des temps - mais selon les dernières innovations.

Cela ne pouvait pas mieux tomber, car le challenge d’acquérir de nouveaux consommateurs devient de plus en plus complexe pour l’industrie du soin et de la beauté. Les consommateurs sont aveuglés par l’invasion des pharmaceutiques et les millions qu’ils investissent dans les publicités TV. De plus, des nouveaux acteurs et indépendants arrivent sur le marché tous les jours, créant une foultitude de choix, il est alors aujourd’hui plus facile de trouver une aiguille dans une botte de foin que de se positionner sur une nouvelle crème hydratante.

Les ambassadeurs que les marques utilisent pour appuyer leurs campagnes - célébrités, YouTubers et bloggers plus connus sous le nom “d’influenceurs”- sont identifiés comme portes-paroles des attachés de presse, et acteurs à part entière dans ce jeu marketing

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