Buyapowa and Heal's pioneer in-store referrals

Buyapowa can today announce that, together with the celebrated home furnishing retailer Heal’s, we’re breaking new ground in referral marketing technology - bringing a previously online-only phenomenon into the place where the vast majority of retail still takes place: physical stores.

As of today, Heal’s customers will not only be able to enrol in their hugely successful referral programme in-store, they’ll also be able to share incentives with their friends which can be redeemed either online at or at any of Heal’s stores across the UK.

We’ve achieved this by developing world-first technology which can quickly integrate with any EPOS system, enabling sales assistants to validate digital referrals on the spot. The moment a friend presents their unique incentive code in-store, our technology translates any applicable saving for the EPOS system while simultaneously identifying the referrer and issuing them a reward for making a successful introduction. This too, of course, can be spent online or in-store, maximising the chance of repeat purchases from loyal customers.

Heal’s will be promoting their exciting new programme via in-store signage, with flyers and on till receipts in the run-up to the peak Christmas trading

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How to create a referral perfect storm like Virgin

Coke and Mentos. Potassium and water. Samsung phones and electricity. When you put some things together, they just go BANG. Now, in the plaid-suited, kipper-tied world of meteorology and / or George Clooney movies, they call a confluence of phenomena resulting in dramatic conditions a 'perfect storm'. In the world of referral marketing, we just call it super-cool.

Referral marketing is all about getting people to share their love of a brand or a product with their friends. So, for referral marketing to work - and boy can it work - two things tend to make big difference: a brand people adore, or a product they love to talk about. When you get both of those together - beloved brands and passion products - that’s a referral perfect storm, such as the one we’ve just launched with Virgin Wines: an absolutely iconic brand and wine, a product which gets more Google results than ‘doughnuts’, ‘cuddles’ and ‘Jesus’ combined.

We’ll come back to Virgin Wines later but, first, let’s take a look at what we mean by those two terms: beloved brands and passion products.


Every year, Superbrands (UK) Ltd publish their list of Britain’s

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SFR dial up Buyapowa to reinvent referral marketing in France

The next generation of referral marketing has landed in France, as Buyapowa - the world’s most advanced referral platform - joins forces with SFR, France’s most innovative mobile network, to get their customers sharing and their friends shopping.

Until today, referral programmes in France have tended to rely on clumsy forms, which required customers awkwardly to enter their friends’ contact details and relied on resource-heavy offline tracking and verification processes. But, with the arrival of Buyapowa’s cutting-edge technology, that all changes - today.

SFR’s programme is seamlessly integrated into their omnichannel offering - working online, on mobile and even in-store. It’s effortlessly embedded in their website, connected to their SCV and CRM tools, and it’s aligned with their wider marketing strategy. Plus, it takes full advantage of the massive technological and cultural revolution the rest of the world has seen over the past five years, enabling customers to refer their friends via any number of next-gen tools, from social networks like Facebook and Snapchat to mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Even more importantly, SFR's referral programme is smart: it’s designed to get customers introducing not just one friend but many,

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Referring all over the world

We’re delighted to be launching in yet another country - working with the online gaming giant, Fun88, in Japan. From our humble roots above a haunted Victorian mortuary (true!), we've gone on to power referral programmes across five continents in 17 languages and 13 currencies.

Because of all the amazing experience we’re picking up every day, our crack team of referral black-belts are now uniquely positioned to answer questions such as:

  • Which social network do Singaporeans refer with more than any other nation?
  • On average, how many shares does it take to generate a successful referral in Peru?
  • Which country holds the record for the most referrals achieved by just one customer?
  • Where can you get a great burrito in Gdansk?

If you want the answers - or just a chat about launching your referral programme anywhere in the world, give us a shout.

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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Referral... but not as you know it

Think you know what referral’s all about? It's a given that you want your existing online customers to get their friends shopping. That's referral 101.

But the Buyapowa platform is capable of much, much more than just basic referrals. Here are six convention-defying ways in which it's being used by these forward-thinking brands.

Sky: building lists of prospects

Referral is a powerful way of acquiring new, paying customers (in fact, it's more effective than both digital advertising and social marketing). But, when your product's more of a considered purchase, it's also the best way to grow your list of potential customers so you can gradually tip them closer towards converting over time. Leading brands like Sky are using the Buyapowa platform to do exactly that: getting existing customers and prospects to introduce their friends - if enough of them sign up, everyone benefits from a great offer.

Mondrian London hotel: a world first

Every business is different, and every business has its own challenges. The hospitality sector, for example, tends to be bound by legacy technology - especially when it comes to hotel bookings, which are often processed manually. That makes common-or-garden digital referral programmes impossible, even at state-of-the-art,

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